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Reaching 17 nations, 3.8 billion people, approximately 48% of the world's population with a message of HOPE

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Countries reached through Hope Radio from the Island of Palau:

China ~1.393 Billion
Philippines ~109.6 Million
Laos ~7 Million
Thailand ~69.4 Million
Bangladesh ~161.4 Million
Bhutan ~772 Thousand

Mongolia ~3.2 Million
Japan ~126.4 Million
Vietnam ~97.3 Million
Cambodia ~16.7 Million
Myanmar (Burma) ~53.7 Million
Nepal ~28 Million

North Korea ~25.7 Million
South Korea ~52 Million
Indonesia ~273.5 Million
Malaysia ~32.7 Million
India ~1.38 Billion

These three antennas combined can reach over 3.8 billion people. By reaching just 1% of that population, 38 million people would hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is possibly the greatest outreach opportunity in the world.

About Hope Radio

Hope Radio broadcasts hope into South East Asia from a shortwave radio station located on the Island of Palau.

Hope Radio’s mission is to preach the gospel in the most populated parts of the world, to 17 countries, with a combined population of approximately 3.8 Billion people. We seek to give hope and encouragement to Christians in possibly one of the most persecuted areas by preaching the gospel. Making the message of salvation available to those who are lost and giving them eternal life through Jesus Christ.

The shortwave station on the island of Palau was founded by George Otis Sr. of High Adventure Ministries and later sold to LeSEA Broadcasting under the late Dr. Lester Sumrall’s ministry. As of September 2020, Apostle Joe Perozich became the CEO of the station and established Hope Radio. The only thing that has changed, is who has been entrusted with the responsibility of the mission. It is with gratitude that God has allowed us to be a part of the end time harvest.

We look forward to serving you in this mission as a broadcaster or as a listener.

Joe Perozich with Nato Dilig

Joe Perozich with Nato Dilig

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